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 The Final Enemy 



In the face of a death-defying power, what’s the “new normal”?
Meteorite brings immortality, fear and chaos.

Jack longs for a breaking story but is stuck writing obituaries for a small-town rag. As his frustration grows, it hits him that no one has died in 3 days. His observation becomes something stranger when he connects a meteorite to the phenomenon. Jack breaks the story and after a struggle to control the meteorite’s power is resolved, a swelling population creates havoc. With the survival of the human race at risk, politicians enact horrific laws and citizens take matters into their own hands.


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 Am I the Killer?

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Readers of detective fiction will find the psychological depth and detail of Am I The Killer? simply sterling. – California Book Watch

Peter, a brain-injured veteran with a motive, is arrested for murder. The victim bullied Peter throughout his youth, and, on the night of the murder, he discovered the bully stole his fianceé while Peter served overseas.  Detective Luca leads the investigation but believes the marine’s inability to recall events on the fateful night are injury related and not an attempt by Peter to hide the truth. As political pressure to solve the case rises, Luca pursues other leads but evidence points at Peter. Even his brother, Vinny, who dropped everything to help his injured brother recover, begins to question Peter’s guilt. Peter’s lawyers, faced with a client either unwilling or unable to assist in his own defense, recommend he cop a plea. Frustrated, Luca attempts to move on but is haunted by an old case that fuels his obsession to determine the truth about what happened that night.

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Complicit Witness



The quality of the writing here just blew me away. – Amazon Reviewer

A smuggler stays one step ahead of the law until he’s forced to choose between life behind bars or certain death for betraying his ruthless boss. As the 1970’s melt into the 80’s, Staten Island is loaded with gangsters and wannabes. It’s where Tommy, a world-class schemer, smuggles to earn the money he squanders. The Italian gang he’s with joins forces with a ruthless Russian, who takes command, enlarging the enterprise. The expansion catches the attention of an ambitious DA, who is about to run for Mayor and despite the intensifying heat, the gang ups the stakes. The DA, embarrassed by botched opportunities to lock up the Russian, obsessively pursues a way to shut down their activities, amping up the risk. Complicit Witness is Dan Petrosini’s third published novel.

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BookCoverImage push backPush Back



 This book was tremendously compelling and one of the most thrilling ebooks I have read all year . – Amazon Reviewer

Two men battle a brutal regime, one to free his son, the other for a larger goal.

An expansionist China turns aggressive when an earthquake strikes Los Angeles. Benny, a naturalized American citizen, is coerced by Chinese spies into joining their scheme. When the stakes turn deadly, Benny renounces his role in their machinations. In retaliation, they trump up smuggling charges and jail his son. Benny struggles for a solution, forced to choose between his son’s freedom and the death of thousands. Attending a funeral, he meets an old schoolmate, Timothy, a wealthy entrepreneur. The Chinese equivalent of Steve Jobs, Timothy is in the midst of hatching a dangerous plan to embarrass China’s leadership. The fallout from the entrepreneur’s plan catches the attention of Mary Bacchus, the first woman American President who must summon the nerve and deftness to deal with a catastrophe at home and China. The three juggle their dovetailing, high stakes predicaments.

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Ambition Cliff


A father’s abandonment and subsequent death of his mother leave a young Nick Covington struggling to control his destiny. Emotionally hardened and yearning for a sense of security, he sets out to build a life believing that only financial success can provide the stability he seeks. He will do anything to achieve his goal and as obstacles crop up, Nick resorts to reckless behavior, breaking ethical and moral boundaries. His journey leads to
stints in the Pennsylvania coal mines and Texas oil fields before ending in arctic Northwest Canada where the stakes are high and the outcome doubtful.

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