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Achieve Success with Lessons Re-learned!

Tweet Lessons to Achieve Success Success is achievable, you can really do anything! A previous blog,  explained how breaking your goal down into achievable sections, and building on those sections leads to success and confidence. Reinforcement A key component of learning and developing a new skill is reinforcement.  Doing something over and over until you  get it. Sounds logical enough and guaranteed…

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Pride? We have lost it!

Tweet Its Obvious We encounter scores of people in our day to day lives who seem to have no pride in what they do.  Their lack of pride contributes to shoddy, uninspired performance and dulls our lives. Without spirited, caring interaction in our daily lives we are less joyful and productive. Somewhere along the way we seem to have…

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Cycle of Poverty Destroys Self Esteem in Children

Tweet Break the children poverty cycle and strengthen self esteem. We need a fresh approach on a subject with big upside on a humanitarian and economic basis. A prior post cited the depressing stats the impact the current state of economic affairs is having on many children & families. Worse than it seems The problem is much bigger…

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