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Why be Loyal? Key to Relationships

Tweet Key to Relationships and Happiness  Loyalty can be expressed in many forms, to a brand, company, family or person. We hear people professing their loyalty to products or brands,  “I only shop at Saks” or “I’m hooked on Apple” etc. but the most important expression of loyalty is the type shown to other people. Being…

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Copy Cat with a Twist – Improve Rather than Innovate

Tweet Be A Copy Cat Originality is a sure fire way to achieve success. Problem is it can be tough to be original; inventing a new product or idea. It’s far easier to improve an existing product or idea. In fact, most success is nothing more than a twist on something already in the marketplace.…

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Success – Beg, Borrow and Steal

Tweet Why try reinvent the wheel? We live in time where innovation is highly coveted and richly rewarded.  Everyone dreams of coming up with something new and hitting it big. The problem is that ground breaking ideas and implementation are very difficult and rare. I am not speaking of giving up the pursuit of innovation but in support…

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