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Tweet NEW BOOK ON THE WAY! I am excited to announce the upcoming release of a new book! It is called Push Back and will be available in all formats soon.  The book is a thriller, exposing the realities of present day China.

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Occupy Wall Street and Class Warfare

Tweet Just a few quick points on the growing divide and debate over our nations finances. (P.S. – I am not nor ever have been a part of Wall Street, Finance or Banking) 1. The 99% Versus 1% – If you took all the money that everyone in America made over $100,000.-, capping the incomes of…

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The Left and the Right Get Their Own Nations

Tweet The country is deeply divided.  The split seems irreconcilable; the two sides are just too far apart on an ideological basis.  The rhetoric is loud, increasing and hardening positions. Barack, Divider in Chief, is fanning the flames, deepening the divide, pitting Democrats and against Republicans, the successful hard working class against the entitlement class, the…

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Tweet Fear is a part of our existence.  Our DNA is hard wired and our physical responses to real danger are instinctive.   But fear is not danger but a mental perception of a possible danger.  This is a key distinction that almost everyone misses. Fear lives in the unknown. We are afraid of what…

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Occupy, Smoccupy, Its Not Protesting

Tweet The disorganized mob known as Occupy Wall Street and its offshoots are another media creation.  The media coverage is lending credibility to the nonsensical gatherings. They get favorable media coverage and when things get violent as they often do, they are quick to point out that it is only a few of the many…

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