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"Readers of detective fiction will find the psychological depth and detail of Am I The Killer? simply sterling."

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Am I the Killer?, Luca Mystery Book 1, has received excellent, professional reviews. Amazon  $0.99  

Midwest Book Review - Plenty of 'whodunnit' mysteries  revolve around locating the perp. The majority feature the investigator's viewpoint and readers either know the identity of the killer or follow the leader in uncovering it.

True to its intriguing title, however, Am I The Killer? offers up a different perspective: one in which the first-person protagonist admits he could be the killer - but really doesn't know if he's guilty or not. Thus spins a yarn of not just discovery but self-discovery as an ex-soldier with memory issues faces the possibility that he could have beaten to death a guy he never liked.

Peter's always tried to do the right thing, but life has dealt him some hard blows and it seems that no matter how much he tries, his choices just lead to trouble. Now he's in the biggest trouble of all - and this saga begins with his arrest and works backward and forward in recounting the circumstances that led to and from this point. The big question is: what's he going to do now?

The answer involves a quest to remember; one which moves through drug treatments, memory tests, and Peter's dreams and revelations to lend clues about who he really is: "Vinny trudged up the stairs just when Billy Wyatt got slammed on the head. Was I dreaming or in another trance? This time the episode was really vivid. Details of Wyatt’s house were exactly as they were. It felt so real that I began to panic. It couldn’t be a dream, could it? Holy shit, was it really me who hit him? I struggled to pull off my sweat-soaked shirt, and I hit the ground with a thud."

Witch hunts, police seizures, closed cases, open hearts: as events swirl around Peter's struggle to discover himself, readers are treated to a vivid series of insights surrounding evidence and puzzles.

"Sometimes you solve a case but never know what actually happened." The juxtaposition of Peter's first-person world with a third-person investigator's efforts creates a satisfyingly multi-faceted, well-rounded story that grabs readers from the first few paragraphs and doesn't let go until its unexpected end.

California Book Watch - Readers of detective fiction will find the psychological depth and detail of Am I The Killer? simply sterling.

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This was an excellent mystery/crime, suspense novel written by author, Dan Petrosini.......This was a page turner I couldn't put down.....A cat and mouse game with one specific suspect...........The whole entire time I was reading, I kept thinking, just maybe, he did, with all the rest of the characters.....I couldn't guess for the life of me.......That's the skills of a good writer........Great depiction of a Veteran suffering from severe head trauma......With loss of motor function, cognitive skills, memory recall, seizures......Plus, the way we treat our wounded Veterans when they come home after a tour of duty.....Where I think there was one example how he couldn't get his disability on time because the Government was back logged......A shame, but that really happens......A lot research went into police procedurals/forensics, investigating, clues.........All the characters were very relatable......Just when you think it's finally over, you are still questioning yourself with doubt, Then Bam !, your hit with a surprise ending......

Peter Hill comes home to New Jersey, post severe head trauma from a tour in Afghanistan........He is home trying to rebuild his life all over again, living with his brother, Vinny..........He is so wounded he can't function enough to live on his own......He suffers from severe, short term, memory loss and recall.....One weekend, Vinny needs to go back to Texas, to settle up his business there and has to leave Peter alone.........Big mistake, because Peter goes out with a couple of soldier buddies.........Wakes up the next day home with no recall of how he get there and what he did......At the same time across town, Peter's childhood bully, Billy Wyatt is murdered..........When Vinny arrives home and hears the news, he doesn't like the way Peter's reaction is......Peter's kind of happy because he just found out his girlfriend Mary was getting married to Billy.......One thing leads to another and the next thing you know Peter is the main suspect in the case.......Even Vinny is suspicious......With the help of Detective Luca on the case, he feels Peter is being railroaded, just so they can make a quick arrest......But the funny thing is, you kind of get from Peter himself, with his strangeness, that he did it.............

.I will be looking for more from this author in the future....( Shout Out !..... For NJ, Perfect depiction, our high pollution, taxes, yet our great Jersey Shores )......