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Slackers – How to Handle Them

Tweet We know them, they are in the office,  are in our department, they are everywhere. They are the slackers. They do little, hide a lot and get by while aggravating the hell out of us. Slackers take credit for work done by others, pretending to have contributed. Slackers are experts at appearing to be busy and…

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Time Management – Efficiency

Tweet Certain people are able accomplish many things while others are unproductive to say the least! Why do some habitually hit their goals while others are unable to accomplish things or do so at a slow, frustrating pace?  What contributes to the difference? What do we do with the time we have? An important component of…

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Social Science Experiment Is Over

Tweet Somewhere along the way we lost ourselves. We no longer demanded that you act responsibly, work and civilly participate in society. No One to Blame but Ourselves We looked the other way, selfishly enjoying ourselves, while ignoring our responsibilities to parent and teach.  We didn’t set expectations for those dependent on us and attempt to manage…

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Gratitude – Essential to Happiness and Peace

Tweet Gratitude is the Right Attitude Simply acknowledging things to be thankful for is real a game changer. You will surprise yourself with how your outlook and attitude will improve when you recognize and practice this happiness tool. I am not an advocate of the ‘It could be worse’ crowd as a way for making you…

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Why be Loyal? Key to Relationships

Tweet Key to Relationships and Happiness  Loyalty can be expressed in many forms, to a brand, company, family or person. We hear people professing their loyalty to products or brands,  “I only shop at Saks” or “I’m hooked on Apple” etc. but the most important expression of loyalty is the type shown to other people. Being…

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Success – Beg, Borrow and Steal

Tweet Why try reinvent the wheel? We live in time where innovation is highly coveted and richly rewarded.  Everyone dreams of coming up with something new and hitting it big. The problem is that ground breaking ideas and implementation are very difficult and rare. I am not speaking of giving up the pursuit of innovation but in support…

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