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The Final Enemy

In the face of a death-defying power, what’s the “new normal”? And why would any nation resist the powerful promises of Remedy? As events embrace a desperate attempt to use science to stem a tide that could obliterate humanity itself, Final Enemy becomes a gripping blend of thriller and science fiction and will prove hard to put down and satisfyingly surprising in its plot.

Thriller fans and anyone who relishes apocalyptic visions of the future will love the tension so exquisitely honed by Dan Petrosini in this engrossing saga. – California Book Watch

Jack is a newspaper man working the obituaries at Keokuk’s daily newspaper, The Iowan. His life doesn’t seem to change much between the news of deaths and burials (he’s even been reduced to writing pet stories), and the only exciting thing that’s happened recently is his observation of what may have been an asteroid streaking across the night sky: an sighting he dutifully reports to his grandmother as the only interesting bit of news in his life. It’s a bit strange that there have been no deaths to report in three days; but things are about to get even stranger when he requests an assignment to report on the asteroid, only to find that the curious phenomenon of there being no deaths in the area follows along the route the asteroid took.

From then on suspense and science join forces with intrigue as Jack’s perseverance in reporting about the asteroid turns into quite a different kind of confrontation with life, death, and everything in between. Is something larger happening; or is it just coincidence? Suddenly the obit section just got a lot more interesting, because there aren’t any deaths; and Jack is not only one of the early ones to note this change, but is one of the first to investigate it.

Final Enemy takes many unpredictable twists and turns as it examines the dwindling number of natural deaths, embracing the highest levels of political power as institutions begin to break down and as Jack struggles to protect those he loves.

In some ways Final Enemy is a story of social disintegration as well as a saga of survival. Secret plans, starvation, suicide, and a series of events that spiral the human race into a desperate survival mode evolve from a seemingly singular event and leads to a fast-paced action story that delights with its penchant for the unexpected. – Mid West Book Review


Am I the Killer?

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This was an excellent mystery/crime, suspense novel written by author, Dan Petrosini…….This was a page turner I couldn’t put down…..A cat and mouse game with one specific suspect………..The whole entire time I was reading, I kept thinking, just maybe, he did, with all the rest of the characters…..I couldn’t guess for the life of me…….That’s the skills of a good writer……..Great depiction of a Veteran suffering from severe head trauma……With loss of motor function, cognitive skills, memory recall, seizures……Plus, the way we treat our wounded Veterans when they come home after a tour of duty…..Where I think there was one example how he couldn’t get his disability on time because the Government was back logged……A shame, but that really happens……A lot research went into police procedurals/forensics, investigating, clues………All the characters were very relatable……Just when you think it’s finally over, you are still questioning yourself with doubt, Then Bam !, your hit with a surprise ending……

Peter Hill comes home to New Jersey, post severe head trauma from a tour in Afghanistan……..He is home trying to rebuild his life all over again, living with his brother, Vinny……….He is so wounded he can’t function enough to live on his own……He suffers from severe, short term, memory loss and recall…..One weekend, Vinny needs to go back to Texas, to settle up his business there and has to leave Peter alone………Big mistake, because Peter goes out with a couple of soldier buddies………Wakes up the next day home with no recall of how he get there and what he did……At the same time across town, Peter’s childhood bully, Billy Wyatt is murdered……….When Vinny arrives home and hears the news, he doesn’t like the way Peter’s reaction is……Peter’s kind of happy because he just found out his girlfriend Mary was getting married to Billy…….One thing leads to another and the next thing you know Peter is the main suspect in the case…….Even Vinny is suspicious……With the help of Detective Luca on the case, he feels Peter is being railroaded, just so they can make a quick arrest……But the funny thing is, you kind of get from Peter himself, with his strangeness, that he did it………….

.I will be looking for more from this author in the future….( Shout Out !….. For NJ, Perfect depiction, our high pollution, taxes, yet our great Jersey Shores )……

Midwest Book Review – Plenty of ‘whodunnit’ mysteries revolve around locating the perp. The majority feature the investigator’s viewpoint and readers either know the identity of the killer or follow the leader in uncovering it.

True to its intriguing title, however, Am I The Killer? offers up a different perspective: one in which the first-person protagonist admits he could be the killer – but really doesn’t know if he’s guilty or not. Thus spins a yarn of not just discovery but self-discovery as an ex-soldier with memory issues faces the possibility that he could have beaten to death a guy he never liked.

Peter’s always tried to do the right thing, but life has dealt him some hard blows and it seems that no matter how much he tries, his choices just lead to trouble. Now he’s in the biggest trouble of all – and this saga begins with his arrest and works backward and forward in recounting the circumstances that led to and from this point. The big question is: what’s he going to do now?

The answer involves a quest to remember; one which moves through drug treatments, memory tests, and Peter’s dreams and revelations to lend clues about who he really is: “Vinny trudged up the stairs just when Billy Wyatt got slammed on the head. Was I dreaming or in another trance? This time the episode was really vivid. Details of Wyatt’s house were exactly as they were. It felt so real that I began to panic. It couldn’t be a dream, could it? Holy shit, was it really me who hit him? I struggled to pull off my sweat-soaked shirt, and I hit the ground with a thud.”

Witch hunts, police seizures, closed cases, open hearts: as events swirl around Peter’s struggle to discover himself, readers are treated to a vivid series of insights surrounding evidence and puzzles.

Sometimes you solve a case but never know what actually happened.” The juxtaposition of Peter’s first-person world with a third-person investigator’s efforts creates a satisfyingly multi-faceted, well-rounded story that grabs readers from the first few paragraphs and doesn’t let go until its unexpected end.

California Book Watch – Readers of detective fiction will find the psychological depth and detail of Am I The Killer? simply sterling.

Kirkus Book Review of Push Back

“Petrosini’s (Ambition Cliff, 2011) second novel is a sprawling tale of politics and family, as the United States and China face off. The story opens in a courtroom, introducing the plight of Andy Chang, who has been wrongly sentenced toprison for crimes against the Chinese government. But it’s his father, Xo “Benny” Chang, who is the center of the Chang family’s portion of the book. The plot follows several different characters, the first of which is Benny, whose connection with factions within the Chinese government now puts him in a position to help his son—if he’s willing to face the consequences. The book’s action shifts between the perspectives of Benny (in order to help his family, Benny is compelled to share secret information with agents of China’s government and give them access to technology), Timothy Lee (an entrepreneur with ambitions of exposing corruption in the Chinese government; the information he uncovers is powerful leverage for the United States—if they can reach him before China does), Chairman Mak of the Communist Party (China takes advantage of a political upset in the White House to attempt to invade Taiwan) and Mary Bacchus (U.S. Secretary of State who becomes the president following a disaster). The premise is intriguing and those interested in Chinese and American politics may glean some new insight from Petrosini’s book.”


Kirkus Book Review of Ambition Cliff

“This is an interesting story!  An enterprising young man tries to forget about his difficult background by becoming successful in the competitive energy business.

Nick Covington had a father who left and a mother who died. Fortunately, he was blessed with a curious mind and a ferocious intelligence, and he uses these gifts to quell the firestorm of neglect, abandonment and hurt still residing in him from childhood. With his mother passed away, he leaves his home in Pittsburgh and heads east to the coal mines of central Pennsylvania. There, he engages a mentor named Stan Henderson, who takes the young and ambitious Nick under his wing and helps him on professional and personal journeys. When Stan takes Nick home to Texas for the holidays, Nick envisions a chance to strike it rich in the oil business. He gets on as a roughneck and, with Stan’s help, climbs the company ladder. However, the promotions are not enough to placate Nick’s hunger, and when he seizes upon the idea to get a stake in the sand-oil business in Canada, he departs once again. Nick eventually finds massive success in Canada, but at the expense of his personal well-being, as his ever-burning ambition ignites alcoholism and sky-high stress levels. Good is never good enough for Nick, who sees professional success as a panacea for emotional instability, and he eventually implodes as all the lying and overreaching finally catch up to him. This is an interesting story!”

Some readers comments –

“Wow, surprise ending!”
“Nick is one of the most complex and interesting characters I’ve come across in a while.”

“Enjoyed the read and learned a few things”

“I really felt for Nick. People w his brand of emotional baggage generally lack the prerequisite confidence to become successful.
The whole book was a great read but the opening portion to his mom’s death was riveting.”

“Great read, the ending caught me off guard”

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