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Why be Loyal? Key to Relationships

Tweet Key to Relationships and Happiness  Loyalty can be expressed in many forms, to a brand, company, family or person. We hear people professing their loyalty to products or brands,  “I only shop at Saks” or “I’m hooked on Apple” etc. but the most important expression of loyalty is the type shown to other people. Being…

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Basic Responsibility contd.

Tweet On first half of this post I may have seemed to be picking on the fathers….  but Mothers also need to think and act responsibly.  Having children outside of a meaningful relationship and without means of properly supporting and nurturing them is the polar opposite of motherhood!  Compounding your destructive behavior with multiple partners is reprehensible.

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THE Basic Responsibility

Tweet I have seen first hand (years of volunteer work in leadership positions) the damage a dysfunctional family unit inflicts.  Many women struggle to raise and provide for their children without support of any kind, neither involvement nor financial) from their fathers.  They may not want to be with the mother of those children but that does…

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Tweet Where does our insecurity come from?  countless wayys from the loss or abandoment by a parent, a culture that rewards physical appearance, some dark espisode in our past that planted  the seeds of self doubt….  Add a few of your own…

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Danger of Insecurity

Tweet Insecurity!  Jezz what an anchor, fills you with self doubt.  Its downright crippling.  Saw a bit of American Idol last nite and it was on display, inhibiting some of the performers. Those that were feeling good about themselves let it hang out and it showed in some good performances. Roots of insecurity are multi-faceted…

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Ambition Cliff

Tweet Who hasn’t felt insecure? Most of the people we see every day put on a show looking like self assured individuals. even the clowns in hollywood and the sports world fight for acceptance. With that as a baseline imagine those whose insecurity is justifiably highlighted by abandonment or abuse. How does that affect our…

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