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Copy Cat with a Twist – Improve Rather than Innovate

Tweet Be A Copy Cat Originality is a sure fire way to achieve success. Problem is it can be tough to be original; inventing a new product or idea. It’s far easier to improve an existing product or idea. In fact, most success is nothing more than a twist on something already in the marketplace.…

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Achieve Success with Lessons Re-learned!

Tweet Lessons to Achieve Success Success is achievable, you can really do anything! A previous blog,  explained how breaking your goal down into achievable sections, and building on those sections leads to success and confidence. Reinforcement A key component of learning and developing a new skill is reinforcement.  Doing something over and over until you  get it. Sounds logical enough and guaranteed…

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Confidence – Self Esteem contd.

Tweet Keys to happiness and success? Its not a panacea, as over confidence and a feeling you are too good have brought down many.  But I believe building self esteem holds some of the keys to success and happiness. Where do we get some? Feeling comfortable, a sense of confidence in your approach to life,…

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Confidence – Self Esteem – How to get it.

Tweet Are we born with it? It seems like some people have always been brimming with confidence.  This can be frustrating and especially intimidating for those who lack confidence. How is it that possible? There are many reasons why some have self esteem levels that help them socially and in their pursuits.  (maybe they were…

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