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Gratitude – Essential to Happiness and Peace

Tweet Gratitude is the Right Attitude Simply acknowledging things to be thankful for is real a game changer. You will surprise yourself with how your outlook and attitude will improve when you recognize and practice this happiness tool. I am not an advocate of the ‘It could be worse’ crowd as a way for making you…

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Basic Responsibility contd.

Tweet On first half of this post I may have seemed to be picking on the fathers….  but Mothers also need to think and act responsibly.  Having children outside of a meaningful relationship and without means of properly supporting and nurturing them is the polar opposite of motherhood!  Compounding your destructive behavior with multiple partners is reprehensible.

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Addiction – Abandonment

Tweet The link between addition (alcohol/drug/abuse) and abandonment screams out!  The genesis of many addictions is rooted in familial or relationship breakup.  The deep scars inflicted by the abandomnent cause many to look for solace in drugs or alcohol However, any relief is temporary as the user inevitably ups the ante till they lose control.  Breakups will…

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Danger of Insecurity

Tweet Insecurity!  Jezz what an anchor, fills you with self doubt.  Its downright crippling.  Saw a bit of American Idol last nite and it was on display, inhibiting some of the performers. Those that were feeling good about themselves let it hang out and it showed in some good performances. Roots of insecurity are multi-faceted…

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