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Tweet No Limits Ambition Some people just seem ridiculously ambitious, attempting to achieve either a high or broad based level of success.  I have been accused of being somewhat ambitious myself, but so what? When I hear people make negative comments about someone with a lot of ambition it drives me crazy.  Most of it is envy…

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Statement of Purpose

Tweet Have a purpose or mission to accomplish, makes achieving your goals easier.  You should be focused on your task or goal.  All your actions and thoughts should be directed towards the goal. This mind set increases your confidence and it is proven that confident people have an easier time with achievement. How Do You Get…

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How to Save Time

Tweet I decided to put this valueable information all in post rather than a downloadable PDF. Put these into action ASAP & give feedback. Practical Suggestions to Create Time To Pursue Your Interests & Increase Productivity. Business Little Mo – Many business experts and consultants stress the big picture or big task/project.  Rightfully so, if…

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Saving Time – Ways to Save Time

Tweet As promised, I have concrete, time saving ideas that actually work! These free, practical suggestions apply to both your work and personal life. To get your free copy via email, please subscribe to my blog (its free as well).  You will also receive all new posts via email automatically. You will not receive any…

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Slackers – How to Handle Them

Tweet We know them, they are in the office,  are in our department, they are everywhere. They are the slackers. They do little, hide a lot and get by while aggravating the hell out of us. Slackers take credit for work done by others, pretending to have contributed. Slackers are experts at appearing to be busy and…

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Time Management – Efficiency

Tweet Certain people are able accomplish many things while others are unproductive to say the least! Why do some habitually hit their goals while others are unable to accomplish things or do so at a slow, frustrating pace?  What contributes to the difference? What do we do with the time we have? An important component of…

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