Author of The Final Enemy, Am I the Killer?,
Complicit Witness, Push Back and Ambition Cliff

“…a gripping blend of thriller and science fiction that will prove hard to put down…”

Mid West Book Review

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In the face of a death-defying power, what’s the “new normal”? And why would any nation resist the powerful promises of Remedy? As events embrace a desperate attempt to use science to stem a tide that could obliterate humanity itself, Final Enemy becomes a gripping blend of thriller and science fiction and will prove hard to put down and satisfyingly surprising in its plot.

Thriller fans and anyone who relishes apocalyptic visions of the future will love the tension so exquisitely honed by Dan Petrosini in this engrossing saga. – California Book Watch

Jack is a newspaper man working the obituaries at Keokuk’s daily newspaper, The Iowan. His life doesn’t seem to change much between the news of deaths and burials (he’s even been reduced to writing pet stories), and the only exciting thing that’s happened recently is his observation of what may have been an asteroid streaking across the night sky: an sighting he dutifully reports to his grandmother as the only interesting bit of news in his life. It’s a bit strange that there have been no deaths to report in three days; but things are about to get even stranger when he requests an assignment to report on the asteroid, only to find that the curious phenomenon of there being no deaths in the area follows along the route the asteroid took.

From then on suspense and science join forces with intrigue as Jack’s perseverance in reporting about the asteroid turns into quite a different kind of confrontation with life, death, and everything in between. Is something larger happening; or is it just coincidence? Suddenly the obit section just got a lot more interesting, because there aren’t any deaths; and Jack is not only one of the early ones to note this change, but is one of the first to investigate it.

Final Enemy takes many unpredictable twists and turns as it examines the dwindling number of natural deaths, embracing the highest levels of political power as institutions begin to break down and as Jack struggles to protect those he loves.

In some ways Final Enemy is a story of social disintegration as well as a saga of survival. Secret plans, starvation, suicide, and a series of events that spiral the human race into a desperate survival mode evolve from a seemingly singular event and leads to a fast-paced action story that delights with its penchant for the unexpected. – Mid West Book Review