3 Powerful Life Changes That Will Make You Feel Amazing

A guest posting courtesy of Jennifer Scott – spiritfinder.org Self-improvement is a long—and sometimes painful—journey that is necessary for reaching our goals and getting where we want to be in life. While it’s easy to shy away from the tough stuff, a...

Uncertain Stakes

Uncertain Stakes, the latest release in A Luca Mystery Series is out. Happy it is sitting at #3 in Mystery New Releases.  Thanks to all.

Improving Your Health Through Budget-Friendly Mattress Care

Guest post by Cheryl Conklin – https://wellnesscentral.info/ If you have recently felt as though you haven’t slept at all, or if you have a constant sense of soreness or fatigue throughout the day, you may be thinking that you need to improve your sleeping...

Uncertain Stakes

A woman with a lust for risk taking…She’s missing, with more suspects than evidence. https://amzn.to/34HGq1X

Better with Friends – 5 Hobbies to Learn as a Group

Guest article by Cheryl Conklin of Wellnesscentral.info While hobbies can be fun to learn and practice on your own, they can be particularly fulfilling and fun to learn with a group of friends. While not all hobbies support group learning, there are many that can be...