COVER REVEAL – New Release coming soon – Race to Revenge, the 1st book in a new series, The Art of Payback

When justice couldn’t be had… 

…one man balanced the scales. 

Would he take Mr. Peterson’s case? 

Beck’s life took a bad turn when he went into the foster system, but it taught him to survive. He grew up with an unusual moral compass that let him do what needed to be done. Not every case was worth his time. 

Could he ignore Mr. Peterson’s injustice? 

Caden was rich, powerful, an arrogant SOB and drunk the night he killed Mrs. Peterson. It was an open and shut case. He should be in prison, but one corrupt lawyer and a doctor who could be bought, set him free. 

Would Beck find a way to put things right? 

How far would he be willing to go? 

You’ll love this thriller, because only one man could balance the scales.