COVID – 19, will the Coronavirus affect crime?

The Coronavirus is having a major impact on lives across the globe.

It made me wonder about the possible effects on crime. 

Here are a couple of interesting items I dug up –

  • Where major segments of the population have been forced to stay home to contain the spread of COVID – 19, crimes like burglaries have fallen.
  • In NYC, serious felony reports fell by 16% between march 16th & 22nd. Though auto theft rose at the incredible rate of 51%
  • As usual, profiteers are emerging – selling non-existent cures or protections or overcharging for everyday products that are in demand.
  • Distressing reports of people posing as CDC or health officials are ringing door bells. If a door is opened, they enter and rob the occupants.
  • Hate crimes against Asians are being reported around the world as people seek someone to blame.
  • Enterprising thieves in France have been posing as the police and health authorities. They are demanding fines be paid by Asians visitors wearing masks. The payment of 150 Euros is for what they say is the violation of a no face mask law. France enacted a law in 2010 prohibited the covering of one’s face in public but the law does not cover face masks worn for health reasons.
  • On the lighter side –
  • The police department in Kenosha, Wisconsin cancelled crime in response to the virus.
  • A security worker at an Orlando Marriot was arrested for stealing 66 rolls of the hotel’s toilet paper.