Water can be found in every tissue and cell of the body. Unfortunately, the body loses water regularly from sweat, urination, or other bodily functions, and this can cause dehydration. When a body is dehydrated, it is unable to perform important functions such as digestion, maintaining body temperature, and transporting nutrients. For that reason, people must consume enough water to replace what is lost and to ensure that they have what is needed to remain healthy. The amount of water that a person needs on a daily basis varies from one person to another. Although traditional guidelines recommend eight to 13 glasses of water a day, some may need more or others may need less. To improve water intake, people can eat more fruits, which have a high water content, and keep a bottle of water on hand while at work or at play.

Six Reasons to Drink Water: Discover six top reasons why people need to drink enough water daily by reading this WebMD page. The three-page article lists the reasons and a brief explanation in a numbered format.