Cory’s Shift – Cutting A New Track Book 3

They sent a message…by stealing part of his daughter’s liver

Will it end Cory’s fight against the black market for organs?

In a Mt. Sinai hospital room, a young boy lays dying. Learning what happened to the child, Cory decided to do something about it. The botched illegal transplants wouldn’t stop unless he shone a light on it.

He had a plan.

It started with the press-conference…and that might have been a mistake.

The Chinese gang behind the transplant ring doesn’t like anyone sticking their nose into their business. There was a lot on the line, and they played for keeps.

With his family terrified, Cory had no choice…Mr. Black was coming out of retirement.

You’ll love this medical thriller, because this is Cory’s biggest fight, yet. It will keep you turning the pages and may cost you some sleep.