Murder, Money and Mayhem – A Luca Mystery Book 16

$100 Million Dollars…

…hidden for the taking.

Who would find it first?

It was shaping up to be a complex case. When David Beas, a designer and partner at a local firm, turns up strangled on the beach, the list of suspects is staggering. Would his business partner kill him or was it someone who didn’t like his lifestyle?

A jilted ex-lover was also on the table.

Before he could dig too deep into the case, Luca’s life got complicated when a friend of a friend told him a secret. It was the sort of thing he wished he didn’t know. It was a moral dilemma that wouldn’t hurt anyone, could solve his financial problems, and make life for him and his wife easier.

There was just one problem.

He would have to live with his decision.

You’ll love this 16th stand-alone book in the Luca Mystery series because his life is about to change in the most unexpected way and you won’t want to put the book down.

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