The Barrow Case – A Luca Series Prequel

This book is part of the Dead Silent Box Set Collection

Excerpt from Chapter 1:

I have to tell you about the case that framed every investigation I’ve worked.

The saying, that something good comes out of something bad, was one I didn’t quite buy into. To me, it was a way to put a good face on a terrible situation. I was all for moving forward, no matter what, but tell me, if someone dies, does it get better because a child is born? The baby was coming, either way, and it wasn’t going to resurrect the dead guy.

See what I mean? Touting the infant’s birth was only a way to distract people suffering from loss.

We all remember our firsts. The first time we kissed a girl or touched her in places we weren’t allowed. Our first job, our first you-know-what, and especially, for a homicide detective, our first murder case.