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Dan Petrosini, prolific USA Today and Amazon bestseller, smashes his latest out of the park with RACE TO REVENGE, the first in his clever new series, Art of Payback. Revenge may be best served cold, but Petrosini turns it upside down with his smart-mouthed main character, Beck, a former investigator raised in an abusive foster home. Beck finds creative ways to exact retribution when the justice system fails.

Beck and his brother-by-another-mother have teamed up to right wrongs. When Tom Petersen asks Beck to avenge the death of his wife, Beck makes no promises but agrees to look into the situation. Marilyn Petersen was killed when drunk driver Brett Caden broadsided her car. Through legal maneuvering, Caden escaped punishment on a technicality.

Suffice it to say, Beck takes us on a roller coaster ride through fine homes and seedy back streets of southwest Florida as he crafts a master plot Caden and his crafty attorney, Puzo, won’t see coming. Along the way, he enlists Larson, an attorney, and O’Leary, a police detective, along with Mario, to help. O’Leary has a special interest: a mobster named Royal is about to get off for assaulting a woman. Soon, Beck is entangled in both cases.

If you want to see what happens next, you’ll have to stay up late. Beck won’t let you go to bed as he devises a way to deliver his form of justice to the bad guys. The main question is, will he get them before they get him?

Another winner ?

This is the 4th book I’ve read in this series. I can honestly say that once I start to read these books I don’t want to stop until I’ve read the whole story. They’re all very riveting. They keep you guessing to the very end as to who did it. I definitely recommend this series of books. I’m now off to start reading book number 5.

– Verified Purchase From Amazon

Another Great Luca Mystery

I’ve become a big fan of Dan Petrosini’s Luca mystery series. As always, Petrosini presents several possible suspects and motives, and finds a way to link them all throughout the story. And he always keeps you guessing right up to the very end. Just when I think I’ve figured out who the guilty party is, he adds a new element, to throw me a new curveball!

I really enjoy the way Luca deals with his family and personal issues, as well as his duties as a homicide detective. Mr. Petrosini has established himself as a first class mystery writer, and I always look forward to the next book in the series.

– Verified Purchase From Amazon

You’re doing better than trying, you’re leading people by example

Cory “Loop” Lupinski is no longer a huge pop star. Instead, he spends his time volunteering at the Mount Sinai Children’s Hospital, singing and playing for the children. Every week, he comes up with something new to capture their attention. The children are very involved in the process and look forward to his visits…

On one such visit, Cory meets Bobby. Bobby needed a new kidney, but the waiting list was long and his parents took him to an illegal surgeon who almost killed him. His new kidney is failing because it was not a proper match. Cory speaks out in a public appeal, but it might have been the wrong thing to do…

This was a fast-pieced story about a Chinese gang doing illegal transplant surgeries. With more patients than donors, the gang kidnaps victims and takes a kidney or part of their liver to transplant into recipients who pay a premium price for the service. When Cory’s daughter (Ava) is taken off the street and part of her liver is stolen, he decides to take action…

With the assistance of Mr. Black, Cory wants to infiltrate the operation and take it down from the inside. What lengths is he willing to go to? Will he survive long enough to make a difference?

What a great book with a very important message! As advertised, suspense kept me turning the pages into the late night hours. I just had to see what happened next and I was not disappointed. A great read that I highly recommend!

AfterThought: There are so few organ donors that many recipients die waiting for a new organ after being on waiting lists for years. Many people have never considered organ donation after death because they know very little (or nothing) about it. Educate the public and, hopefully, more will care…

– Verified Purchase From Amazon

It Just Keeps Getting Better

I’ve really become quite fond of the Luca mystery series by Dan Petrosini. Each book gets even better than the previous one, and number 5 is the best yet! Dan keeps you guessing right until the very end, then ties everything together so it all makes perfect sense. Luca’s character is becoming more likeable every time. I’ve really enjoyed Dan Petrosini’s writing, especially this series. I’m eagerly looking forward to the next one!

– Lenin Simicich, Jr.

Great read; each book in the Luca series is better than the one before …

Petrosini has created a wonderful, fallible, lovable HUMAN as his protoganist. I learn more about this gritty detective with each “installment”. Luca makes up for his lack of superhuman powers (there are enough of those out in the literature) with a determination and a selflessness that drives him even at the expense of his own comforts (and some comfortable relationships). Tough and smart but sensitive, what all heroes should be! Highly recommended!

– NaplesLlew

Fun Read

Nice summer read with great twists. Enjoyed the characters and the wine references. The clothing descriptions are lost on me, not my cup of tea. But overall well worth a look.

– Steve Mak

3 Great Detective Stories

Luca is a Detective with a troubling conscious over a previous case where an innocent man (who later commits suicide) was convicted for a crime Luca later finds out was because he wasn’t given the time or opportunities to check all the relevant facts. The incident has a profound on Luca’s investigations into his next case and is anxious not to incriminate an innocent person. A very enjoyable read and will look for some more.

– P. B

The Was Such A Great Read!

Great book from this author – definitely a pivot from his other writing which made the ending even more of a surprise! Terrific character study of a sometimes likeable and sometimes loathsome musician. Strongly recommend reading this one. The themes in the story were thoughtful and well crafted.

– Karen Kenney

Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave

I really enjoyed this book. I’ve been a huge fan of Dan Petrosini’s “Luca” mystery series, and wasn’t quite certain what to expect with this new series. The old saying, “oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive” comes to mind. Cory’s actions lead to great personal success for him, but things soon start spiraling out of control. It’s as suspenseful as any Luca mystery! I’ve come to really appreciate Mr. Petrosini’s writing style, and Cory’s Dilemma didn’t disappoint. I’m looking forward to the next book in this series.

-Lenin Simicich, Jr

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