There’s no magic to defeat self-doubt and increase your self-confidence.  Confidence is built step by step; finding the courage to take action despite your fears.

A smart way to do this is by cutting back bigger goals into smaller ‘bite size’ actions.

Each successful, small step increases your confidence, and brings you closer to your goal.

Some people have incredible will power and can stop a behavior, like smoking in one step. BUT for most of us, that is impossibly hard. It is much easier to reduce something like smoking or weight loss slowly. Going from 20 cigarettes to 19 then to 18 and so on. Or losing two pounds a week…

Practicing courage in the face of your fear is the best way to gain confidence.

Start now with whatever problem or opportunity you face. Ask yourself what you’d do if you had a bit of courage?

Chances are your doubts will yell at you to do the opposite. Thank your doubts for trying to protect you, then tell them you’re not here to live a safe life, you’re here to live the most incredible life you are capable of. Then, JUST DO IT!   

Each time you take action in the presence of your doubts you dilute their power and amplify your power and confidence!